Established in early 2000, Human Wheels performs more Mellencamp in one night than Mellencamp himself!  Check them out and enjoy classics like Pink Houses, Authority Song, Cherry Bomb, Small Town, Rain on the Scarecrow, Jack and Diane, Hurt So Good, I Need a Lover, Paper in Fire, Lonely Ol’ Night, R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. and much, much more.  This 6-piece group features Ted Kettler on lead vocals and guitar; Tim Kettler on guitar, mandolin and vocals; Joel Caplan on bass and vocals; Gladys Bryant on vocals, guitar and percussion; Dennis Nanton on keyboards and vocals; and Kevin Werbel on drums and percussion.  Human Wheels proudly brings a high quality of musicianship to the stage.  Whether it’s a one hour showcase or a two hour concert, they are known to always deliver an exceptionally powerful performance. 

Human Wheels make no attempt to look like John Mellencamp or his band. Instead, Human Wheels devotes their efforts to sound like John Mellencamp and recreate select music from his albums released over the years. Let your ears be the judge, allow your memories to take over as you recall where you were when you heard these songs.